E-residency in Estonia

E-residency in Estonia

Estonia is the first place to introduce e-residency. However, it is not the only country that has it. This feature is becoming a popular trend nowadays. 

But what e-residency actually means? 

There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to this term. 

E-residency is essentially a government ID that foreigners can get, and it allows them to engage with various government services online, such as forming a company. 

This in NOT a tax residency, or a legal residency permit. This causes a lot of misunderstandings because people don’t really understand the difference between e-residency and regular residency. E-residency is just a tool that will make some government related stuff easier for you. 

In order to get e-residency you will need to submit some documentation online, and then later pick it up personally in one of 35 pick up locations. 

This tool makes it easier to do things if you are a foreigner. 

This was a great move for Estonia: it increased their revenue , attracted lots of foreign businesses, 50 000 people signed up for e-residency.

If you want to do something in Estonia it makes perfect sense to sign up for their e-residency. 

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