Malta Citizenship By Investment Program

About Malta

Malta is an island country located in the Mediterranean sea. Small but strategically important has played a huge role in the struggles of a succession of powers for domination of the Mediterranean and in the interplay between emerging Europe and the older cultures of Africa and the Middle East. As a result, Maltese society has been molded by centuries of foreign rule by various powers, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Swabians, Aragonese, Hospitallers, French, and British. 

The country of Malta became independent from Britain and joined the Commonwealth in 1964. and was declared a republic on December 13, 1974. It was admitted to the European Union(EU) in 2004. A European atmosphere predominates in Malta as a result of close association with the Continent, particularly with southern Europe.  

Official languages of Malta are Maltese and English. English is widely used in business and education in the country. Both are official languages of the EU. 

Malta is one of the few European countries that offer citizenship by investment programme.

Malta citizenship by investment program benefits (Malta Individual Investor Programme)

Malta is offering citizenship by investment program to high net worth individuals and their families. This process is very efficient and the government of the country is committed to the highest standards of due diligence and vetting of all the applicants to make sure that only the best investors are admitted to this program. 

The official name of this program is the “Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP).

Candidates that are admitted will receive Maltese citizenship that can be extended to their families.  

This is a highly respected EU country and owning its passport comes with multiple advantages. 

Some of the advantages of Maltese citizenship are: 

-Visa-free travel to 182 countries including EU, United States, Canada, Australia. Maltese passport is one of the strongest passports in the world, it’s ranked to be the 7th.

-Right to live, work, study in any of the 28 EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland & Liechtenstein. 

-Access to free EU education and healthcare 

-Applicants can keep their original citizenship, as dual citizenship is allowed 

-Favorable tax policy. Income made outside the country is not taxable, no tax on inheritance, wealth and real estate 

-Citizenship is granted for life and can be passed to the future generations by descent the future generations by descent  


Investment requirements:  

-Donation to Maltese government development fund 

Applicants must make a contribution towards this fund to the tune of 650 000 EUR as a bare minimum, plus a further contribution of 25 000 EUR for any spouse or children under the age of 18 and a 50 000 EUR contribution for any dependent children who are aged between 18 and 26, or any dependent parents above the age of 55. 

-Real estate

Applicants must also commit to owning and retaining a residence in Malta for at least five years. This can either be through purchasing property with a minimum value of 350 000 EUR or through renting a property where the annual rent must exceed 16 000 EUR. 

-Government approved financial institutions 

Applicants must commit to making an investment of at least 150 000 EUR in a government approved financial institution or instrument, such as stocks and shares, which must be kept and not sold for a minimum of five years. 

Since Malta takes application process very seriously all the applicants will be screened. 

You will need to obtain a clear criminal and medical record.  

The whole process of obtaining Maltese citizenship will take 12 months on average.  

Upon purchasing real estate or entering a property lease in Malta, investor citizenship candidates are issued a Malta identity document called an eResidence card. This signifies the commencement of their residency in Malta and also demonstrates the candidate’s genuine link with the country. 12 months after an applicant has established residency in Malta, applicants who have maintained residence in the country will be granted citizenship. You do not need to spend all 365 days in Malta before citizenship is granted, Maltese law defines residence as “an intention to reside in Malta for any fiscal year, usually evidenced by a stay of a minimum of 183 days or by the purchase/rental of property together with a visit to Malta.”  

Maltese citizenship by investment is definitely not the cheapest nor fastest one to obtain, but having a passport of this amazing country will open multiple doors and opportunities for investors and their families.  

This is a country of choice of numerous tourists every year. It offers mild climate, beautiful landscapes, and amazing beaches. There is plenty of history and culture to enjoy in this tiny country.  

Also, this is an incredibly safe country, which makes it perfect for setting a home, and as it offers a very good education and healthcare it’s very favorable for raising a family. 


Dual citizenship allowed  YES 
Investment required  816 000 EUR minimum 
Time  12 months 
Family members  YES, with additional cost 
Visa-free access  182 countries and territories 
Who can’t qualify   

Author: Michael Rosmer

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