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Best time to get a second citizenship - Offshore Citizen

Best time to get a second citizenship

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Changes in Citizenship by investment programs are happening quite frequently.

Before 2017. Vanuatu Citizenship by investment wasn’t a great option.

If you waited for Cyprus, the price has gone up! Now you need to donate an additional 150 000 EUR, besides buying property for 2 million.

In certain cases, they increased due diligence.

You are better off to act sooner than later

Certain things are getting much harder than they used to be. It’s just the nature of today’s world.

People often wonder if there are going to be some less expensive options for this type of program in the future. Probably not.

Prices of Citizenship by Investment programs start at 100 000 $, and frankly, they are worth it.


Maybe you can get some African republic for less, but why would you want it.

It is highly unlikely that countries will offer their citizenship for less than 100K, they know the worth of those things.

Passport is an investment

If there is a good investment that shows up TAKE IT, take it now!

Don’t wait.

Similar thing if you buy a house. If there is a great property that comes up, 70% of market value buy it.

If there is a good company for sale that’s a good deal, don’t worry if the market is up or down, just buy it.

This is Warren Buffett’s philosophy.

5 years ago you could have gotten citizenship in Bulgaria for 5000 EUR. Now, this is not an option anymore, and there is nothing even remotely comparable to this in the world.

When there are opportunities take them!

The longer you wait the more likely it is that the deal will be gone.

This is just the nature of the market.

Back at the time, you could get citizenship in Georgia quite easily. If you invested in the country, you would get their passport in a reasonable time. Well, this is not that easy anymore. They tightened it up a lot.

Don’t miss out on things!

I certainly missed out on some opportunities in the past. Now, I’m trying not to make the same mistake ever again.

I’m thinking about the opportunities that are available now, that I would regret if I didn’t get them.

In the past I didn’t know about a lot of those opportunities, that’s why I invested lots of time into finding them today.

This is my philosophy. If you are thinking like me, feel free to reach us out. We might be able to help you get a very good deal when it comes to a second citizenship.

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