Vanuatu citizenship by investment

This citizenship by investment program wasn’t that well marketed. The reason for this is because they used to have an old program that wasn’t really good. The new program was created in 2017. 

The biggest advantage is that this is the fastest program in the world

You will be able to get a new passport in one month to six weeks!

To be on the safe side we always tell our clients that this will take two months, however, we had cases of this going very very fast. 

The best deal for families

If you apply as a family Vanuatu citizenship by investment is the best deal out there. 

It costs 150 000 USD for one person (fees included), and 180 000 USD for the entire family. 

The fun part is that you don’t even have to come to the country, you can have someone bring you your new passport. 

Also, it is possible to change your name, and have your new name in the new passport. This comes with an extra cost. 

How to get Vanuatu citizenship?

The initial process involves FIU ( Financial Intelligence Unit) screening. This is due diligence process and all citizenship by investment programs have it. 

You will need to provide:


Police check

Copy of your resume

Also, at this stage, you will need to pay fees of around 2500 USD. 

This initial due diligence process will take about a week. 

If you have some sort of criminal background you might not pass this stage. 

It is possible to pass it if you have a criminal past, depending on which charges you had. If this is your situation contact us and we will be able to tell you whether you qualify or not. 

If you pass the first stage you are moving to the next one.

Stage two is where you make payment. You can make a payment of 25% or 100%. It is recommended to pay the full amount at this time because it will make processing time easier and shorter. 

The basic fee for citizenship will be 130 000 USD (plus fees that will be around another 20 000 USD). 

If you apply as a couple you will need to donate 150 000 USD without fees. Any additional children under 26 years of age will cost an additional 15 000 USD, as well as your parents over the age of 55. It will be 15 000 USD for each parent you want to grant citizenship.

Advantages of Vanuatu citizenship by investment program

The due diligence process in this program is quite easy to go through. 

It’s one of the most relaxing due diligence processes when it comes to this type of program. 

There are no restricted countries- you can get citizenship no matter where you come from. 

Funds for paying for citizenship can come from a third party. This can be very useful in certain situations, for example when it’s hard to get money out of where you live- you can have someone else send funds on your behalf. 

In lots of other places funds for the purchase of citizenship have to come directly from your bank account. 

Agents who provide for this service need to be Vanuatu born people. Also, everyone who is working with these citizenships has to have a local agent. The government licensed those people and provided them with an Escrow account, where they accept payments for citizenship. 

Vanuatu passport will let you travel visa-free to 130 countries. It includes the EU and Russia. 

Stage three 

In this stage citizenship, comity makes a final decision. They meet the last Friday of every month. This is the reason why it’s wiser to make the entire payment in the second stage, if you don’t you will need to wait until the next meeting – the next last Friday in the month. 

If you get approved at this meeting but you only paid 25%, you will need to wait until the next cycle to get the final approval. You will have to pay the other 75% in the meantime, and this will delay getting your citizenship for another month. This is why we advise that you make a full payment at the beginning and not wait until this stage. 

What else should I know?

There are some extra fees to keep in mind when applying for this program. They will be around 20- 25 000 USD depending on whether you want them to bring you the passport you your home country or not. 

So just like we already said, for a single person it will cost from 150- 155 000 USD. 

If you want a name change it will cost you another 10-12 000 USD. In this case, you have to travel to Vanuatu. 

If you are interested in obtaining Vanuatu citizenship by investment, reach out to us we will be happy to help. 

if you want to know more about Vanuatu citizenship by investment contact us now.